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Want to through a surprise party, but not sure how to pull it off? Let us help you! This last weekend, we got to host a surprise anniversary party. Afterwards I started to think about how much easier we make it to pull off a surprise party. We make it so easy for you to pull off this surprise, as we take care of so many of the details for you, so that your culprit won't get suspicious as you are making preparations.

We want to help you with all the details and we have the capabilities of taking care of or partnering up with other vendors to take care of every detail for you. You tell us what the surprise party will be for and we can help you come up with ideas to fit your group of people you'll be inviting. We will help you come up with the menu, including, dinner, appetizers, and/or dessert. I can even do a specialty decorated cake for you.

We will set the room for you and will also do the decorating for you. You can bring us your decorations ahead of time or you can tell us what you want and rent everything from us. When talking with you about the details of how you want the event, we will make recommendations and give you ideas based on the event, what different colors represent, their favorites, and any personal favorites you are able to tell me. If you are wanting entertainment or a dance, we will make sure they are here on time and have everything they need so that you aren't having to check in with your entertainment the day of your event.

After you've given us all of the details of how you want your surprise party to be set up and the flow of events you'd like, the only part you have to do is to get them to City Limits. It's easy to tell them you'd like to go out to dinner at City Limits Bar and Grill, but the real surprise awaits them in one of our private rooms! Because we take care of doing the decorating, setting up, cooking, and bar, they won't be suspecting of you doing any of those things!

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