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Linens, flowers, backdrops and more!

Want a beautiful wedding at your own venue, but not sure where to begin? Save money by renting all of your décor that you will not probably ever use again! One of our newest additions to our services at City Limits Convention Center is our rentals. We have a huge list and inventory of rental items including decorations, linens, backdrops, serving pieces and much more!


Linens instantly make your event a little higher class. With over 60 different colors to choose from in runners, overlays and sashes, we are sure to be able to match your color. We have tablecloths, chair covers, overlays, runners, sashes, and napkins in a wide array of colors and fabrics. We also offer different sizes and styles to fit most types of chairs and sizes and shapes of tables. When you rent linens, after your event you don't have to launder them. One more way to make the cleanup easier after it's over!


Fresh flowers are beautiful and smell great! However, they can be very expensive, but a much cheaper alternative is available! Renting silk flower arrangements for your table centerpieces and other reception décor can save you a lot of money without wasting lots of flowers and money when the day is over. Silk flowers look very real and some even feel real! Another advantage to using silk flowers is they can be done ahead of time. By renting arrangements, you save money and don't have to mess with the flowers after. We have silk flowers available in about every color and type of flower.


We make all backdrops versatile to change to personalize to your special day. Any color can be put on your backdrop, greenery, flowers, and several different types of lighting. There are also different types of materials used including, different fabrics, wood, corrugated tin and more. Your backdrops help make statement areas for your event. Places you want highlighted such as a head table or cake table are always great places for a backdrop. Backdrops are also an easy way to cover up an eye sore area at your venue and make it a statement area instead!

Other rentals

Besides, linen, flowers, and backdrops, we also offer many other items to rent. We will rent out just a few things to fill in the gaps of what you already have or you can get everything you need for your event from us! Other items include lights, ceiling décor, serving items, glassware and much more! Check out our list of rental items on our website or call us today with any questions or to book rental items for your event!

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